Rule #1 Blog: Phil Town on Investing

Wealth expert Phil Town, a frequent guest on CNBC and MSNBC, teaches individuals how to invest in 15 minutes a week -- by following his Rule #1: Don't lose money!


Jan 01 '16

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Invest or Pay Off Debt?

Jan 23 '15

So, you have debt. You also hope to retire someday and you want to start investing your money. Both require a commitment. Both require money. Which do you do first, pay off debt or invest? Good Debt vs. Bad Debt The first barrier to success in investing is bad debt. Yes, there’s good debt and bad debt. Good debt is money you borrow at a low rate of interest, with which you make a high rate of return. An obvious example is the money you borrow to buy an apartment complex. The debt covered by the rental income – or...

Jan 21 '15

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